Boating Education


Courses and Seminars and Webinars

Courses and Seminars taught by America's Boating Club and the Gainesville Boating Club

Docking Demonstration

Video demonstrates proper docking techniques.

Anchoring Demonstration

America's Boating Club

An educational boater is a better boater.  This community is built by boaters for boaters.

America's Boating Channel

 Welcome to America’s Boating Channel™ featuring safe boating videos and boater education digital media created especially for boaters, by boaters.  For more than 100 years, United States Power Squadrons has been leading the way in boater safety education, an educated boater is a better, safer boater. America’s Boating Channel and America’s Boating Club are registered trademarks of United States Power Squadrons.

Boat Terminology

Specific terms used to describe the various parts of a boat.