Welcome to the Gainesville Boating Club

Welcome to the Gainesville Boating Club

Welcome to the Gainesville Boating ClubWelcome to the Gainesville Boating ClubWelcome to the Gainesville Boating Club

About Us


America's Boating Club

 The Gainesville Boating Club is a unit of District 23 of the United States Power Squadrons the world's largest non-profit private boating organization. We are located in Gainesville, Florida. Our members boat on both the east and west coast of Florida as well as on the St. Johns River. 

We have monthly rendezvous of various boating activities.

We meet the fourth Thursday of each month at members homes and have a monthly activities as well as boating education courses and seminars.

 Please see our calendar page for dates, location and times.

You do not need to own a boat to become a member.


What's In It For Me?

Welcome to the Neighborhood

When you join United States Power Squadrons, you’re joining America’s Boating Club, a community that was built by boaters, for boaters. You’re building a lifetime of memories together on the water, on shore and by giving back to your community. Whether you’re passionate about cruising, racing, making new friends, volunteering in your community or learning from experienced boaters, we have the resources you need to engage your passions and, perhaps, instill some new ones.

There are on the water activities; on the shore activities and volunteer opportunities such as the International Coastal Cleanup Campaign.


Boating Education and Safety

Be an Educated Safer Boater

Too often new boaters, and even seasoned ones, believe boating is easy. (“I know how to drive a boat.”) Boating is a learned skill that can be as dangerous, or even more so, than driving a car. For more than 100 years, we have provided boaters with unsurpassed education on the water, in the classroom and online. Our educational opportunities go beyond the basics to help you and your family be the best boaters you can be.

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